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The majority of exhibited works can be bought. If the picture is for sale you will see the link purchasing/ordering. If there’s no link nearby, it means the picture is sold or ordered. If you failed to choose anything you can contact the artist and he will do something on your request. Here you can get acquainted with more detailed purchase conditions

" Hostess of mistaries "
70 x 70см
canvas, oil
" Favourite Lady "
74 x 74см
canvas, oil

" Beauty renaissance "
49 х 69см
canvas, oil
" Afrodita's island "
70 x 80см
canvas, oil

As far as the project of Art Gallery in Internet is the first attempt of representing national talents of Belarus for world community attention, we will be thankful for your commentaries, wishes and advices. Just fill in a simple form or write to: webmaster@belarusgallery.net

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