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Dina Shimouk

Floristic is a type of visual art when an artist creates an aesthetic entity by the skilled covering of a surface with petals, leaves and herbs. The technique used for the creation of these pictures seems on face of it unsophisticated. One merely has to collect and dry various plants and then stick them with glue on paper. However, these are subtleties which may count for a lot - what type of glue should be used, when plants are to be collected, hoe to dry them and so on. The scope of floristics is boundless. You may admire a lovely landscape - a rivulet, a hill with trees on it as if painted in oil or watercolours, and suddenly you figure out that instead of paints are used leaves, moss, birch bark. They leave you wondering how exquisitely everything is depicted. The pictures of Dina N. Shimouk may impress you by some other features as well. The dried plants do not put on inadequate roles imitating materials. They are used for things that can`t be executed in oil, pencil or by chisel. Only transparent watercolours may be capable of conveying the flutter of petals. Shimouk`s floristics is a play of images. A leaf turns into a mountain or a lake, a petal is made into an intricate hairstyle of a beauty. Even a prosaic dill-leaf becomes a fantastic plant, a cabbage-leaf changes into a plugged field, and so on without end. The artist does not use scissors to improve on nature. It is special mastery to be able to see what a plant has shaped into after being dried. It requires the insight of a real master , a gift of God, as they say. Her works are unique. The artist is able to execute a series of miniatures similar in subject matter and mood, such as a landscape, fantasia, beauties, sentiments - without ever repeating herself. A slightly different shape of the stem may add a different shape of the dried plant. .. The creative work of the artist can be compared to a masterful jazz improvisation. Setting about a new miniature, Dina Nikolaevna does not fancy exactly what is going to come out of it. Everything takes shape ad lib, without special preparation. The works of the artist are noted for their refinement, charm and surprise. They are executed with exquisite taste and carry a philosophical message. They are imbued with moral values inherent in the artist`s personality which is brimming over with kindness and good will. She seems to have an aura of goodness which is passing into everything she makes. It may seem mystical but her pictures are charged with energy of good and kindness.

Floristic. Pictures by the flowers and herbs
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